Hypnosis recordings, trainings, books and  so much more
to support you in creating the extraordinary life.

Self - Hypnosis Collection 

These hypnosis recordings are created using the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy which is a  powerful modality rooted in hypnosis, NLP, CBT and neurosciences!  

They are a game-changer to transforming your limiting beliefs into mindsets that propel you on the path to wealth, purpose and the extraordinary life.

Confidently Confident

Develop confidence in all areas of you life so you can make more money, speak easily and have more success overall.   $29


Develop the habits of the most successful!  Be able to take action on the things that matter most to being successful!  $29


It's time to get out of your own way!  It's time to allow in the success you truly desire.

Self-Care &

This audio will help you prioritize your own wellbeing for exercising, eating healthy and looking after YOU.

Wealth &

Transform your mindset from lack to wealth in this relaxing audio so you can attract and allow in more wealth in your life.   $29

Get them all in a bundle of 5

Save $48 and get all 5 audios in the Empowerment collection.  This is the ultimate in supporting you on the path to wealth and success.  $97

Creating the Extraordinary Life

No matter where you are on the path, these programs will support you on the journey
to creating a life of purpose, wealth and freedom.

Choose Your Adventure! - Coming soon!